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Hybrids containing Adenium
crispum & swazicum

Hybrids between these two species have been made by a few people. The expectations for primary (1st generation) hybrids: Adenium swazicum should contribute round flowers with solid, intense petal color, dark throats, and massive roots. Adenium crispum should contribute narrow leaves with white veins, and small, star-shaped flowers with nectar guides extending well onto the petals. A. crispum is heavily dominant in hybrids with A. "obesum", so I expect it to do so in this hybrid group.

Krishna swaz x crispum-small.jpg

These young plants show traits from both parents. A. swazicum shows in the nearly solid petal color and dark throat, and short anther tails. A. crispum influence is revealed in the nectar guides onto the petals, and the narrow leaves with white veins. I expect that mature plants will have massive caudex and roots. Mr. Vaghela named the cross Krishna as a group, not a cultivar name for one clone. Photos: Hiren Vaghela.

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