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Please help add to our knowledge about Adeniums.

Criteria for contributing images and other information to this website


Contributions of photos and information about adeniums are welcome. Contributors will be gratefully acknowledged. Please pay careful attention to the different goals:


This form is for submitting text and links to information sources. The latter is important: If the information is not your personal knowledge, please document where you obtained it - the first-hand source (personal communication to you), or a published article or website link.


Use this form to contribute photos of wild plants, or cultivars that are substantially different from what is already on this site.

A. Wild adenium plants: There is very little detailed information about the geographic distribution of adeniums. (There are only about 200 herbarium specimens from all of Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.) It’s also known that their natural variability is much greater than what is represented in cultivation. Plants seem to be distributed in isolated populations, and some of the wild plants that I have seen photos of are difficult to assign to a known taxon. To further our collective knowledge of this beautiful genus:

1. When possible, please include images of the plant in habitat, a close-up of the plant(s), and close-ups showing the leaves, flowers, and/or fruit

2. Photos of multiple specimens are desirable for each locality to show the local variability. (For example, both shrubby-dwarfs and arborescent A. “arabicum” can grow in the same locality. Flower color and shape can also vary greatly.)

3. Provide at least fairly precise locality data.

     -For example, “Saudi Arabia” is not useful,

     -while “southwest of Sanaa, Yemen” and “Jabal Shada, S. Arabia” are okay, and

     -“hills near south end of Lake Eyasi, Kenya” is good information.

4. Plants that are not along major roads are especially valuable.

5. Plants that are very different from what's typical of the region are also treasured. For example, the plants of "obesum"(?) near Lake Eyasi, Kenya, with flowers that look like those of swazicum; or "somalense nova", scattered populations among "obesum" territory. 


B. Cultivars: Acceptance of cultivars is more narrow. This website is not intended to be an encyclopedia of named adeniums. There are many thousands, most of which are no longer in existence. Criteria for addition:

1. It stands out among the multitude of adeniums in at least one major trait…

2. Or it is historically important, e.g., as the founder of a major breeding line.

3. And it is substantially different from other cultivars already on this website.

3. It has been propagated and distributed to others, at least locally.

C. In all cases, please send large photos, at least 1500 px or 2 MB, up to 15 MB.

Comments, Corrections, and Additional Information.

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