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Strawberry Sunday

Parentage: (either general, e.g., complex [or primary] obesum-crispum hybrid, or exact lineage, e.g., 'Arabian Ruby' x 'Crimson Tower')

Creator: (incl. country of origin, company/nursery, year created or published, )

Plant form: (mature size & shape, caudex form [if grown on own roots], leaf shape & color if distinctive, deciduous/evergreen, ??? )

Flower: (incl. blooming season, shape, size, flower count, +?)

Notes: (Misc. info, e.g., vigor, needs pruning, rot-prone, hardiness, ???)

For consistency, the "gallery" page should be a grid of photos with the cv. name. The photo should be of a flower if that's the main trait of the cv.; or of a plant if that's what the cv. is grown for (e.g., Thai socos). Each cv. page should have at least 2 photos: whole plant and flower closeup; plus leaf if it's distinctive. And of course the list of fields above.


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